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The club had a terrific trip to Norway 23rd June to 8th July. It was brilliant. Great weather, roads and company. Sarahe organised and led the trip, thank you! Joined by myself, Kevin, Mandy, Roisin, Mick, Simon, Richard, Phil and Fereshteh - for the first part.

We used an overnight ferry Harwich to Hook of Holland and drove to Achen in Germany for night 2. We then went to Kiel and took the excellent Colourline ferry to Oslo. We had three nights there visiting the city and doing some ride outs. At one point Phil went across country in a very bold move, misjudging a corner and entering long grass at great speed. He never even came off! Truly a man with hidden talents.

There followed some beautiful riding going oop norf where rides included the Trollstiggen, another great mountain pass and various fjords. Lots of impressive tunnels were used and some pleasant short ferry hops across fjords. Some lovely waterfalls too,

The Atlantic Ocean Way was stunning and was one of the many highlights of the trip.

We finished with three days in Bergen which included more rideouts. We didn't neglect the cultural side of the trip with visits to the Viking museum and Polar ship museum in Oslo. The old town in Bergen was very picturesque. Mandy was quite enthralled with the cultural side of the holiday!

A nice ferry took us from Bergen to Denmark and a fairly laborious few days going through Denmark, Germany, Holland, Belgium and to the Eurotunnel.

We all want to go again! It was expensive, so we were careful with drink  ...... not!

Pictures paint a thousand words... Thanks to Roisin for putting together the videoyy.

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